To wrap up all kinds of gifts, what could be better than completely customizable boxes? Whether assembled boxes or foldable boxes, ensure you get the best effect and presentation for all kinds of products. The foldable boxes are also Food Grade certified and can therefore be used for the delivery of meals. 

The characteristics of the assembled boxes

The assembled boxes are solid packaging that are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes (square, round, oval, etc.). The inside of these boxes is made of gray card stock (“card board”) and the outside of the box is to choose between CS1, CS2 or Kraft paper. The closure can be designed with magnet or integrated tape.

Assembled boxes are classic boxes, they have four corners and a lid and are not made to fold. A drawer opening is however possible for your order of mounted boxes.

Regarding delivery, you should know that these boxes are delivered already assembled and you will have to think about having enough storage space. 

The specificities of the foldable boxes

As for the assembled boxes, the foldable boxes are also designed with gray cardboard paper for the interior and the exterior is to be chosen between Kraft, CS1 or CS2 paper. 

Like all XMP Packaging boxes, multiple formats are possible. The advantage of foldable boxes is also a much smaller footprint than assembled boxes. For example, they can be delivered flat and thus facilitate their storage.

These foldable boxes are also perfectly usable for food delivery. They also benefit from Food Grade certification

100% customizable boxes

Whatever type of box you choose, it is easy to fully personalize it with your own illustrations, photos and texts. An infinite number of formats, colors, fonts and logos are printable, all you have to do is think of the model that best suits your needs and submit your ideas to us! 

The minimum quantity for an order of assembled boxes or foldable boxes is set at 5000 pieces and delivery times between 2 to 8 weeks (depending on the dimensions chosen for the boxes)

Also note that if you need help along the way, our customer service team will always be happy to assist you.