To pack and send your products, paper bags and pouches are accessories that can be personalized. Whether wrapping gifts or simply enhancing the customer experience of your products, XMP Packaging paper pouches and bags are available in many sizes and shapes to suit your needs. 

Automatic bags and pouches: products made in Europe

For automatic bags and pouches, it is possible to choose between white or brown kraft paper. These packaging are produced by machine in Europe and the possible printing colors are endless (and can be done on all sides of the bags).

Over a hundred sizes are available and the handles can be flat or twisted depending on your preference, giving you the freedom to create unique packaging that reflects your brand. The automatic pouches and bags can contain a weight ranging from 80 gr to 130 gr. 

You should also know that these packaging can be made with eco-responsible paper, a great way to reconcile aesthetics and ecology. 

Hand-crafted manual bags and pouches

For detailed and neat packaging, manual pouches and bags are 100% handmade confections. The advantage of these products lies in the degree of customization which is literally endless. First of all, it is possible to choose between coated paper or ecological kraft paper.

The different parts of these packaging can be completely customized according to your ideas and needs. The handles are thus part of the bags and pouches where all ideas are possible: flat or cord, with faux silk, paper or cotton effect and finishes with a ribbon or plastic (visible or hidden). A reinforcement on the bottom of the bag can also be added.

As with automatic bags and pouches, it is also possible to print on all surfaces of the packaging and thereby promote your brand through unique packaging.