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All about Tyvek!

Let’s talk about it!

Although it may resemble paper, it’s nothing but paper-like synthetic material developed by DuPont for commercial purposes. Being much more durable than other materials, Tyvek is extensively used in a wide range of contexts and industries from construction to medical packaging over the past 60 years. Also, it could alternatively replace other ordinary materials for garment producing, considering performance data over the entire life cycle.

There are 2 different material structures used in manufacturing and consumer good application: paper-like hard structure and fabric-like soft structure.

Nowadays Tyvek is being used as a trendy material for infinite possibilities among product design and additional features!

Why to use?

Tyvek or not Tyvek? That’s the question.

Whether it’s keeping home comfortable, protecting workers from on-the-job hazards, enabling a safe response to epidemics or countless other applications—the unique benefits and a few drawbacks of Tyvek are at your service:

  • 100% recyclable

In new era of no waste and samples, it`s important to use eco-friendly materials and resources for saving our lives and planet as a whole.

-Water- & chemical-resistance

-Wet? No worries. Tyvek repels water, keeping it totally intact.

-Chemicals? Keep calm. Tyvek is not affected by most acids and salts.

-Heat or cold? Whatever. Tyvek is able to endure the temperature ranging from -70°C to +118°C. However, the 80°C can lead to some damages, deformation or even fire. Possessing high-density and barrier protection providing you safety, Tyvek can burn.

  • Breathability

    With no binders this non-woven material allows water vapor to escape, allowing to reduce the air permeability compared to most textile fabrics.

  • Conversion & flexibility

Tyvek can be easily customized by supporting various types of conversion, such as:

  1. Stitching
  2. Coating
  3. Gluing
  4. Perforated
  5. Folding
  6. Sewing
  7. Laminating etc.
  • Printability

Imagine, how unique your product could be by using most traditional and digital printing techniques on Tyvek!

Note: Be aware of certain used techniques, as it’s susceptible to damage due to laser printing.

Being not widely available yet, it’s hard to find, easy to lose, impossible to forget! Global retail brands, such as Ikea and Starbucks, as well as various entrepreneurial businesses have launched products designed with Tyvek that focus on environmental protection and lifestyle.

In TYVEK we TRUST! Do you?

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