Food packaging offers protection, enhanced shelf-life and covers special physical, chemical and/or biological needs. It may carry a nutritional value label and other information about the food offered for sale. As well as they are a great opportunity to promote your brand. Fully customizable, our packaging can also display information on the foods offered for sale, in addition to the logo, slogan or name of your brand. 

Packaging available in the form of boxes, trays and bowls

Depending on the meals you deliver, it is possible to order packaging of boxes and trays or bowls made to measure. The boxes and bowls are made with thin, easily foldable paper and are food grade certified. Both the prints and the sizes of these products can be completely modified according to your needs

As for the bowls, the choice material can be defined at the time of order and the bowls are available in polyethylene, white or brown kraft and PP plastic. Ideal for rice and noodles among others, these bowls are also fully customizable in terms of dimensions and printing.

Packaging for wasabi and ginger can also be ordered and personalized to complete your food packaging for deliveries.These sachets -which may also contain other condiments depending on your needs- are produced in factories that meet catering standards .

Liquid containers : soy sauce bottles, glasses and tumblers

Glasses and tumblers are also essential accessories for many restaurants and dining services. Of course, the size of the glasses and goblets can be defined. Designed in an eco-responsible way, it is also possible to personalize the prints on the outside of the cups and glasses. 

Soy bottles are certainly more essential and necessary to asian establishments ! They are also small bottles that can be personalized according to your brand. 

Accessories : chopsticks, cutlery, paper straws, finger wipes and napkins

Our chopsticks and cutlery are reusable accessories that can be made of wood, bamboo, cornstarch or plastic (recycled or not). The choice between materials and eco-responsible materials allow you to select the one that best suits the philosophy of your business.

For those who wish to fight against the use of plastic, our paper straws are a great alternative. Take advantage of beverage sales to offer environmentally friendly paper straws from renewable sources

The thickness and color of the napkins is customizable and external prints can decorate these accessories.