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Sustainable personalized food packaging

Food packaging must ensure that the food is protected during transport and, the materials used are certified as fit for consumption and suitable for food contact. Customized food packaging is an excellent way to promote your restaurant through take-away or home delivery. Fully customisable, the packaging can convey information about the food offered, in addition to your restaurant’s logo, tag or name.  

Boxes, Trays and bowls food packaging

Depending on the meals type you are cooking, it is possible to develop tailor-made packaging such as: sushi boxes, burger boxes, chips trays, hot dog boxes, salad bowls, noodle bowls, soup bowls, rice pots, bentos, chocolate boxes, etc. The choice of the type of boxes and trays is multiple: they can be foldable, in one or two parts, with or without windows, with compartments,… And they are food grade certified. Printing, sizes, choice of materials can be fully customized. 

Packaging for wasabi and ginger can also be ordered and customized. These condiment pouches are produced in factories that comply with restaurant standards.

Liquid containers: soy sauce bottles, glasses and cups

Glasses and cups are essential food containers for many restaurants and home catering services. Designed in an environmentally responsible way and compliant with food grade certification, you can customize the printing on the outside of the cups. Various sizes and capacities are available with or without a lid.  

Soy sauce bottles customized are perfect for Asian food establishments!

Accessories: chopsticks and cutlery, paper straws, finger bowls and napkins

To go even further in detail, we offer you the possibility of customizing the packaging of your cutlery and chopsticks for takeaway or home delivery. They can be made of wood, bamboo, cornstarch, recycled plastic, etc. A wide range of materials allows you to match your desires with the markets standards in force. 

We also offer paper straws to accompany your glasses and cups. 

Paper napkins and finger bowls are customisable products.