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Customized paper bags and pouches

To pack and carry your products, gifts or just improve your customer experience, paper bags and pouches are accessories that can be customized. We supply paper bags and pouches in many sizes, shapes, thicknesses and finishing. 

Automatic paper bags and pouches

For the automatic bags and pouches, you can choose between white or brown kraft paper. Several paper weights are available. These personalized packaging are produced automatically ion machines. The printing possibilities are endless. 

More than a hundred sizes are available, the handles can be flat or twisted according to your preferences. 

These paper packaging can be made with FSC® certified environmentally friendly paper to balance your brand’s aesthetics and ecology.

Manual paper bags and pouches: 100% customized products

For a special and neat packaging, handmade paper bags and pouches are packaging made by hand for some specific’s operations. The advantage of these products is the infinite possibilities for customisation. 

You can choose the quality of your paper: coated paper, dyed paper, textured paper, kraft paper…. These paper packaging can be completely customized according to your ideas and needs. The handles are a part of the bags where all ideas are possible: flat or corded, with satin ribbon, grosgrain, cotton, organza,… A reinforcement on the bottom of the bag can also be added. 

As for the automatic paper bags, the printing possibilities are endless. 

Let your imagination come true!