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Customized boxes

Boxes and cases dress up your products and gifts. They are designed to enhance the presentation of your products. Foldable or assembled, in one part or in two parts (separate lid), flexible or rigid, an infinite number of formats, colors, paper’s types, printing and finishing, etc. Everything is possible. 

Assembled boxes

Assembled boxes and cases are solid packaging that can be produced in a multitude of sizes and shapes (square, round, oval, etc.). They can be customized inside and out, the type of closure (ribbon, magnet, etc.), the finishing and papers’s type are all customisation elements that you can choose.  

Foldable boxes

Foldable boxes and cases can be designed in different formats, in different sizes, with different types of paper, printing and finishing are fully customisable.  

The advantage of folding boxes is the reduction of space needed to store it. They are delivered flat and thus facilitate storage.