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Customized e-commerce packaging

Customized e-commerce packaging has become a topic of a branding strategy. From online purchase, to preparation and unpacking, it creates an unboxing experience for your customers. Boxes and sleeves are designed to withstand the shipping path to delivery, and allow easy opening for your customers. This e-commerce packaging enhances the usability of your products while promoting your brand. 

Fully customisable e-commerce packaging

E-commerce has become an essential distribution channel. The customer experience is a strategy to succeed for all market players in order to satisfy their customers’ expectations. The personalisation of e-commerce packaging is a marketing tool for improving this customer experience. 

Boxes and pouches made with eco-friendly materials

Our team can help you to develop strong, reusable shipping boxes that can be customized on the outside and inside. Choosing FSC® certified paper or cardboard promises a responsible design, aligned with your customers’ values.  

For products that are lighter to ship, we offer e-commerce pouches

The choice of FSC® certified paper or cardboard, the finishing, the opening options and the external printing are 100% customisable.