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Eco-Responsible Food Packaging: what are our solutions?

Sustainability is an integral part of our functions, integrating environmental protection, social equity and economic efficiency. Our aim is to develop more sustainable packaging solutions in order to meet customer demand for environmentally optimal packaging.

Responsibility and commitment

Food is essential to life and is a source of great joy and pleasure. The packaging guarantees that it is delivered safely and will not be wasted.

We consider our responsibility to produce the most suitable packaging to protect and serve food. Choosing the right materials, using them optimally and taking into account end-of-life and recycling possibilities all play a role in the development of more sustainable packaging solutions.

Eco-responsible food packaging

Your restaurant should consider replacing plastic, polystyrene and styrofoam packaging with environmentally friendly alternativesalready available on the market.

Current options include plant-based plastics made from corn, bamboo, wheat, bagasse (a by-product of sugar cane processing) and wood pulp, among others. These abundant and renewable natural materials make it possible to manufacture high quality plates, cups, bowls, containers, etc.

Take a look at some of the sustainable packaging we already have and choose the best for your food products.

Reducing waste and improving your carbon footprint are issues that affect a large proportion of your current and future customers. It’s also a great opportunity to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd and build a lasting relationship with consumers.


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