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Packaging: 1 Secret that Leads Brand to Greater Sales

3, 2, 1… Customize!

Personalized packaging is word-of-mouth marketing!

Forbes reports that custom brand packaging is booming in the coming years. It’s the strongest sales-driving option!

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach to consumer goods. Nowadays thanks to manufacturers the leading brands are able to produce individual and iconic packaging solutions easier than ever before.

Markets are overcrowded with new brands 

As long as brands produce products, they need packaging. Unique packaging. Thus, the strong competition keeps executive managers and buyers up-to-date to invent innovative creative ideas in time to boost their sales.

From graphic design to fashion & food, what visual trends do you notice in the marketplace that could potentially complement your brand? Creating short-run or limited-edition product packaging that marries your brand with an on-trend aesthetic can be a great way to speak the visual language that consumers are already gravitating to. Think of leveraging trends like creating a co-brand between your company and the pop culture of the moment.

Effective packaging helps a consumer to understand how your product fits into their lives.

It can influence the possibility of a repeat sale from a customer if it:

  • Is unique & memorable
  • Tells a story
  • Reflects the brand values and corporate style

How many times did you buy a product just because of brand packaging design?

Be honest, it happened once at least.

40% of consumers say that gift-like packaging influences them to buy from you again. And, good packaging makes 50% of consumers more likely to recommend you to a friend. Using custom retail packaging helps turn customers into brand ambassadors who:

  • Recommend your business to their friends
  • Share their experiences on social media
  • Make repeat purchases


Finally, environmentally friendly and customized packaging enhances your brand image. When your customers see that you use sustainable resources and a conscious approach, they trust that you care not only about the planet, but also about each brand as a responsible company. It will increase your profits and improve return on investment. Boost it!


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