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How does XMP Packaging help companies in their CSR initiatives?

To begin with, I would like to remind you that at XMP Packaging we support companies in their development while ensuring the creation of positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

75% of companies consider that investing in Corporate Social Responsibility is a winning strategy.

Why adopt a CSR approach?

CSR is a new way of looking at things that enables companies to better respond to the challenges they face, such as climate, supply, demand for transparency, etc. This social responsibility approach also allows you to meet the growing expectations of your stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, shareholders, unions, etc.

When we talk about packaging, we rarely associate it with ecology since once the product is consumed or used, it goes into the trash. As more and more of us consume, and in ever-increasing quantities, the matter of eco-friendly packaging is becoming more and more urgent. Nevertheless, consumers are gradually becoming aware of this overproduction of waste.

Facing this problem, major brands and small startups are trying to reduce their environmental impact in an ever more inventive way. Indeed, Corporate Social Responsibility, and especially environmental responsibility, has become an important part of the brand’s image. Therefore, they have an interest in working on their packaging, because if it generates a bad image, it can just as well be an effective and positive communication tool. Here is a brief overview of innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Here’s how we help companies like yours solve this challenge:

#1: Packaging that can be recycled

While edible packaging is the ultimate in green packaging, there are many other ways to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging. One of the most common is simply to use recyclable, recycled or biodegradable materials.

We offer bags made of Polypropylene, also known as PP, woven, non-woven or recycled bags that have various advantages. These types of materials come in part from the recycling industry. Our reusable bags are made from the bottles of our oceans. Considering the quantity of plastic thrown away each day, we let you imagine the savings in plastic. A colossal good point for your brand image!


#2: Recycling is good. Biodegradable is better.

Another sector that produces mass waste is the sale of take-out food. Here again, ecological solutions are developing, notably through the use of organic materials, biodegradable and often themselves from waste such as recycled plastic, cornstarch, bamboo, etc.

More and more brands and small businesses are making this choice, already integrating a global CSR approach and wishing to complete their “eco-friendly” image. Paper trays, cups, chopsticks, cutlery and straws are now arriving on the counters and tables of our favorite snack bars and foodtruck restaurants, which is sure to enhance the image of fast food!


#3: Transformers, or reusable packaging

A last solution is to use the packaging as a second product, accessory or other useful gadget for everyday use. This is another excellent way to improve your brand image since the customer receives not one, but two products in one. Therefore, not only does the brand show that it is working on its environmental impact, but it also manages to do so by bringing a plus to the customer in a fun and functional way.

With this in mind, our packaging specialists set to work. The result goes far beyond a sustainable solution. Once all the items have been unpacked, the packaging can easily be transformed into, for example, jewelry boxes, pretty storage boxes, pencil jars, etc. Thanks to this creative concept, you can bring added value to the customer.

As you can see, there are countless solutions to make your packaging green and sustainable. Moreover, this sector is booming, with growth forecasts of 8% per year by 2025 and even if “zero waste” remains one of the main objectives in terms of packaging, the transition to “green” packaging should, it is hoped, become more widespread. So don’t hesitate any longer, because if this evolution requires a cost at the beginning, it translates into many positive points for your brand image!

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