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Eco-Friendly packaging and Food delivery: our solutions

With restaurants forced to close during the lockdown, takeaway and home delivery options were the only way to generate revenue, or limit the damage.

We all know the rise of delivery companies predates the pandemic. Everybody living in a city has ordered via UberEats, TakeAway or Deliveroo !

But Covid-19 has caused ta high demand for delivered meals, and not just among millennials. With a huge increase in the number of partner restaurants, those apps have seen their numbers explode:

  • UberEats saw a 53% increase in revenue.
  • Takeaway.com saw 32% more orders in the first half of 2020, resulting in a 44% jump in revenue.

In this article, you will learn about the different sustainable food delivery packaging solutions we offer:

  • Makisu

We’ve transformed Makisu’s food packaging into eco-friendly packaging.

Day after day, this sushi restaurant chain expresses its strong values through its packaging by using natural materials and recycled plastic.


Every inch of the packaging is 100% personalised and environmentally friendly. Brown Kraft – on the outside. Eye-catching, personalised brand design – on the inside. They opted for brown kraft in terms of materials.

  • Be Burger

7 restaurants in Belgium and an obsession about good burger!

But this concept doesn’t stop at the plate, it’s a warm atmosphere and mood that we tried to reflect through the packaging.

We provide Be Burger restaurants with foldable boxes made of food grade paper. These approved food-grade paper packages prevent grease stains, retain heat from hot food and absorb moisture.


We opted for white kraft paper shopping bags, 100% eco-friendly, with flat handles.

  • Côté Sushi

Food fusion represents the identity of Côté Sushi and this identity is transmitted with passion through the dishes offered! Our mission is to be as meticulous about the packaging as the restaurant is about the flavour.

We have worked on different products with our client: boxes, dishes, cutlery, chopsticks and soy sauce.

Meal delivery companies in France commit to reducing waste

Nineteen meal delivery companies in France, including Uber Eats and Deliveroo, have made a commitment to the French government to reduce their operational waste.

The companies have now signed a charter to end the systematic delivery of disposable cutlery and sauces from April 2021, to set a target of using 100% recyclable packaging by 2022 and to limit single-use plastic packaging to 50%.


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