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FOOD: discover the eco-friendly packaging you need

That you think about sushi, groceries or pastries, home delivery is getting more and more important in Belgium. But this growing trend is far from being good news for the planet. Fortunately, there are easy tricks to reduce the environmental impact.

Let’s take a closer look at the eco-responsible packaging that is essential for your business!

In 2019, a survey conducted by Comeos and Insites Consulting on online food shopping showed that this segment had grown by almost 50% in just one year. Specifically, 30% of respondents said they had ordered food via their smartphone, tablet or laptop at least once in the last twelve months.

The reason for this? The growing number of home food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Takeaway.com and the success of meal box concepts such as Hello Fresh. And that’s not counting the pandemic, which has greatly disrupted consumer habits and encouraged purchases of all kinds on the internet. To prevent this trend from turning into an ecological disaster in large cities, retailers and restaurant owners can choose to be sustainable.

What are the alternatives to reduce your ecological impact?

Kraft bags

paper bags and pouches

In France, almost 18 million plastic bags are sold every year. This is an ecological catastrophe considering that 80% of these bags are not recycled and that it would take between 100 and 400 years for them to break down. Without any transition, we say goodbye to plastic bags in favor of kraft bags.

At XMP, these kraft bags are made of recycled paper from FSC-certified forests (ecologically, socially and economically managed). Et comme d’habitude, ces sacs sont également 100% personnalisables. And as usual, these bags are also 100% customizable.

Boxes and trays

Customized boxes and trays

At XMP we offer eco-responsible boxes and trays made from fine recycled and compostable paper that is FSC certified.  In addition to being eco-responsible, these products are fully customizable to suit your needs and your brand image in the best way.


customized pots and bowls

With the growing trend of Asian cuisine, retailers and restaurateurs have also had to choose cups, bowls and dishes that could hold soups, rice and other pasta sauces. But it’s not always easy to find airtight and sustainable alternatives for carrying these types of food.

At XMP Packaging, we offer 100% customizable rice and pasta bowls made from fine recycled and compostable paper that is FSC certified.

Glasses and cups

Customized paper cups and glasses

XMP offers a wide range of customizable, durable and sustainable options made from recycled and recyclable paper from FSC forests.

Paper straws

personalized paper straws

Out of the 8 million tons of plastic waste that ends up in the world’s oceans every year, plastic straws are not the most common. But because they are rarely recycled and because of their small size, straws are as polluting as they are harmful. Often consumed by marine animals and fish, they also end up on our plates. But in order to break this vicious circle, it is possible to say no to plastic and go for more sustainable alternatives.

At XMP, we offer you an eco-responsible alternative to serve your cold drinks to your customers! Choose our safe, sustainable and renewable paper straws to replace the plastic ones.

Chopsticks and cutlery

Reusable chopsticks and cutlery

Last but not least, single-use cutlery and chopsticks are often made from plastic and therefore highly polluting. At XMP, we offer reusable bamboo or recycled plastic alternatives. A simple and practical option that will easily help you reduce your environmental costs.


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