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Working with XMP Packaging: 8 Steps Process

When you become our customer, you are entirely under our care and benevolence:

  • We provide you with honest advice that will make a measurable difference to your results.
  • We show you everything and give you our expert opinion.

We are not afraid to be honest, we do not provide all the services you need. A clear example is the fact that we are packaging manufacturers and do not work below 3000 pieces per model.

You often ask us about the steps between the order and the delivery of the packaging.

Here are the 8 key steps in our purchasing process:


1. Choose your design and quantity


A well-designed package should be attractive, pleasing to the eye and memorable, and aligned with the product it contains. It is also important to clearly define the quantity to be produced to avoid over- or under-production, both of which cause a negative impact on the environment.

2. Validate our price offer

In general, our quotes are valid for 1 month. The period of validity of the offer may vary due to the content of the quotation or a predetermined delivery time.

3. Start the production 

From our European factories to our Asian factories, we offer you our know-how and the best machines on the market. We offer a wide range of quality packaging and finishing solutions.

4. Send our quality controllers 

Quality control of your packaging is the inspection of the finished products to determine if they meet quality standards before they are approved for the next step in the supply chain.

5. Confirm your shipping sample

We will send you a sample of your final product. This sample must be checked by you, and then validated for final shipment.

6. Shipping by boat, train or plane

By boat :

Advantages of river transport

  • Economical (3.7 times cheaper than the road)
  • Low polluting (emits 4 times less CO2 than a lorry)
  • Reliable

Disadvantage of river transport

  • Slow

By train :

Advantages of rail transport

  • Accessible rates
  • Fast
  • Reliable

Disadvantage of rail transport

  • We have to use a road haulage company to deliver your goods from the station to the delivery address.

By plane :

Advantage of air transport

  • Fast delivery

Disadvantages of air transport

  • Expensive solution
  • Need an airport nearby
  • Highly polluting transport

7. Custom clearance by XMP Packaging

For your peace of mind, we offer a standard customs clearance service. Ensuring this is done smoothly and efficiently, we make sure your shipments arrive as quickly as possible, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

8. We deliver the product to your warehouse 

Our purchasing process does not end until you hold your package in your hands. That’s why we make every effort to make deliveries as simple and transparent as possible. The flexibility of this service allows you to choose the frequency of delivery of your packaging: weekly, monthly, quarterly…