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E-commerce : packaging & unboxing

What is unboxing?


Unboxing – for unpacking in French – is a trend that is attracting more and more brands. This practice consists of unpacking new products in front of a camera and then sharing them on social networks.

If you think that e-commerce packaging is still the same as it was 10 years ago, you’re wrong.

If we take a closer look at fashion, technology, food or cosmetics portals on the Internet, we will find several suppliers who use completely different packaging for their goods.

After all, today packaging is one of the most important components of e-commerce. Why? Because for many customers, the first impression they get when unpacking their ordered goods is decisive for their satisfaction and repeat purchases.


What can a great unboxing experience bring to your brand?


  • Packaging as an advertising medium

If you don’t take full advantage of the unboxing experience for your brand, you are missing out on a brilliant opportunity to express yourself. Unboxing is not only about making your products look good, it is also about storytelling your brand.

As the unpacking takes place in the “after-sales” phase, it also avoids the risk of being perceived as a sales argument without conviction. What you also give them is added value that shows that you value your customers and interactions with them. This creates trust and belief in your ethics.

  • It fosters customer loyalty

In e-commerce, customer loyalty is the driving force behind commercial success. The “last” impression is just as important as the first.

Product delivery is actually the last point of contact your customer will have with your brand, so make it memorable!

You may have a great product that your customers are happy with, but it’s very difficult to take advantage of it if you don’t offer them a unique experience.

  • Simplifying returns

Packaging must also be easy to open. Tension and self-adhesive strips allow consumers to take products out of the box without frustration. As a positive side effect, this also simplifies returns. On average, around 15% of goods are returned by customers. This proportion can increase to 50% for clothing. The return process is simplified by the use of pre-printed barcodes instead of return slips.

  • Eco-responsibility

Manufacturers can make packaging more sustainable by using reusable materials. Some packaging companies are already relying on fully automated solutions to adapt the outer packaging to the exact size of the goods.

This makes it possible to completely eliminate filling materials. And in return, this is good for the environment while reducing costs.

Creating a memorable unboxing experience can be the competitive advantage your company needs, not only to generate repeat purchases but also to attract new customers.


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