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TOP 3 High-Quality Material for Eco-Packaging

Cotton, cork, tyvek, felt, hemp, jute…we can go on and on. But what is actually the best material to choose for your brand`s eco-packaging?

Let’s highlight the TOP-3 of high-quality material for your future sustainable packaging and show off their benefits :

1. Cane

Not only in the food industry it may be used, but also in eco-packaging. The basic ingredient used in the production of Sugar Cane is Bagasse, dry pulpy residue left after the juices and sugars. Cane fiber made from raw resources allows not only to perfectly protect your product but also our environment. Combining with cotton or other natural materials provides packaging with practicality and reliability.

2. Felt

The cold season is coming. The cozy felt bag will keep your product safe and warm in dense but soft cover. As well as make your outfit more sophisticated and elegant. Whether it is a handbag or promotional bag, all colors & formats are available to customize your eco-packaging for brand awareness. All you need is your creativity!

3. Tencel

As a delicate silk fiber made with wood pulp cellulose from eucalyptus tree, Tencel is 50% more absorbent than cotton. Being widely used in sustainable fashion, it`s increasingly the preferred fabric for both clothing and packaging industry. Unlimited color palette will make your tencel packaging 100% unique and customized. All ethical and conscious brands worldwide make a choice in its favor.

Also, it’s totally biodegradable & hypoallergenic! Still in doubt?


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