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How Did Makisu Improve Its Customer Experience?

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MAKISU has a healthy obsession with sushi and believes your wallet shouldn’t stop us from indulging in our sushi-cravings on a daily basis. «No more compromise between budget and quality ingredients.»


We have started to work with Makisu in 2016. At that time, they faced 4 challenges:

How does XMP Packaging tackle that challenges?

Turn the food packaging into eco-friendly

Day by day, Makisu expresses its strong values through packaging by using natural materials and recycled plastic. Each cm of packaging is 100% customized and eco-friendly. Brown kraft- outside. Catchy and personalized brand design- inside. They opted for brown kraft in terms of material.

Reduce costs 

Makisu has reduced its packaging costs by separating lids from bottoms in case customers don’t use it. Due to the conscious approach, it makes a significant economic and environmental impact by reducing by 5% the production of lids.

Create a better customer experience 

Customer experience is not less important for Makisu. Thus, they care about each and every detail from visual to functional part by providing easy-to-use & easy-to-open food boxes with a transparent window to let people see what they buy.

Order annually but get delivered weekly 

By working with us, Makisu has launched a range of new packaging such as automated brand bags, chopsticks and food boxes.We developed cotton bags and magnetic foldable boxes that still increase the brand awareness of Makisu.


“We wanted to develop a unique brand packaging in a more sustainable way with our increasingly responsible collections. So, we asked XMP’s advice to use eco-friendly materials, while keeping a qualitative and highly recognizable design.

These objectives were fully achieved, and we also saved money and worked on favorable terms. XMP was able to understand our needs and provide the ideal solutions as a professional packaging partner. Our collaborations always give birth to unique and exciting packaging!”

Antoine Cambier, CEO Makisu


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