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What are the different steps of eco-responsible packaging in the e-commerce?

With the lockdowns, the population’s consumption habits have evolved drastically! More and more people are using the internet to make their purchases. And e-commerce automatically rimes with packaging. But how can we make this new trend more respectful for our planet? Let’s take a closer look at 3 key steps to make your e-commerce an eco-responsible alternative.

E-commerce boxes:


To protect products and ensure they reach customers safely, it’s important for companies to rely on strong, sturdy e-commerce boxes. But as well as being future-proof, at XMP these boxes can also be eco-friendly. Made from recycled and recyclable paper from FSC-certified forests (forests that are ecologically, socially and economically managed), our boxes are the perfect way to package, handle and transport your products without stressing the goods. And as always, these boxes are 100% customizable.

E-commerce bags and pouches:

Customized e-commerce shipping pouches

In 2022, there’s no excuse to use plastic in any business. Fortunately, many more eco-friendly options have emerged over time and are easy to implement.

In e-commerce, it is now possible to pack goods in sustainable bags and pouches. And at XMP, we offer plastic-free bags made from recycled and recyclable paper from FSC forests (socially, economically and ecologically sustainable forests).  Customizable at will, these pouches are perfect for the packaging of light products with your company’s logo.

Silk paper:

Customized silk paper packaging

Whether it’s a beautiful cashmere jumper or a tablecloth, there’s nothing better than beautiful tissue paper to wrap and protect products, not to mention textiles. A traditional plant-based paper, silk paper is made from wood or cotton fabric fibres. These fibres are processed with water and then crushed with a roller into thin layers for drying. In addition to being natural, XMP’s silk paper is sourced from sustainable forests and is recyclable. A good way to make the packaging around e-commerce more sustainable.

By changing these habits and making affordable investments in sustainable and durable materials, you will make your company more environmentally friendly.


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