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Eco-friendly Packaging is not Boring !

When we talk about sustainable packaging, we are inevitably confronted with a cliché: packaging made of paper, cardboard or built around recycled paper packaging moulds.

For others it is packaging that is too sophisticated and impossible to bring to market because of its high cost.

If you have been avoiding using eco-friendly packaging because you think it will be less attractive to your customers, this article will change your mind and reset your assumptions about what sustainability means!

Here are 3 projects that highlight how eco-responsibility can help you be more creative with your packaging:


Plantable packaging



Botanical Paperworks offers vegetable paper that can be transformed into all kinds of wild flowers, herbs and vegetables.

The company offers plantable packaging elements such as coffee sleeves and candle covers. These biodegradable packages will turn into wild flowers.

The structure of the seed paper is inherently strong and allows for packaging ranging from kraft paper to customised gift boxes in a variety of sizes.

Just imagine veganizable chocolate boxes or tea boxes that can grow the matcha that fuels your 6am spinning class!


Eco-friendly pasta boxes made from food waste


Waitrose is a British company that packages its pasta in eco-friendly boxes. The boxes are made from reclaimed food waste, such as peas and pulses that are not suitable for pasta production. Unusable raw food is kept and used in the packaging instead of being thrown away.

The packaging is made from 15% food waste. The company claims that this reduces the use of virgin pulp by 15% and greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.

And because the box is in direct contact with the pasta, there is no need for an inner wrapper in the packaging. The pasta box is also 100% recyclable.


Edible spoons


Bakeys, a manufacturer of vegan, biodegradable and edible spoons. These spoons are made from rice, wheat and sorghum and are available in three flavours! You can choose flavours like vanilla, strawberry and other popular flavours.

The aim of this company is to make spoons that do not need to be washed and that do not harm the environment. The spoons contain no chemicals, additives or even preservatives and are made from food materials with a high nutrient content.

No matter how you choose to make your packaging, you don’t have to sacrifice durability for style, and vice versa!


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