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Find out the difference between Automatic and Manual Bags

You want to reflect your brand image through your packaging, but you have trouble understanding the differences between automatic and manual bags? This article is for you!

After reading it, you will be able to choose the bag that best suits your identity

Automatic paper bag


These paper bags with twisted, flat handles offer an excellent quality/price ratio because they are manufactured in an automated way, exclusively on machine, without any human intervention and therefore allow to reduce the overall costs. Choose from white or brown Kraft paper. They are an excellent choice of paper bags and represent ethical and environmentally friendly custom packaging. Whether simple, or printed entirely with the visual of your choice, the Kraft paper bag is a popular promotional bag option in these times of “Eco Friendly” solutions. These standard Kraft bags offer an excellent resistance.


How to choose your Kraft bag?


Here are our tips:

  • Flat handles: for fast foods or medical activities
  • Twisted handles: clothing, chocolate/ bakery, sportswear, lounge, decoration, perfumery…

What’s the impression of my Kraft bag?


You can print your logo or the visual of your choice on the entire surface of your bag. The number of colors can vary according to your needs, obviously not including the four-color process, more commonly known as “four-color printing”.

Financially, the visual will have an impact on cliché costs: the larger the surface area of your visual, the larger your cliché will be, the higher its manufacturing cost will be. The same applies to the number of colors, since it is necessary to have one plate per color. But don’t worry, clichés are reusable, which allows you to amortize their manufacturing cost, and they are only charged for the first print run.

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Manual paper bag


The manual bag (or deluxe bag), is the top-of-the-range paper bag. Tailor-made, it is THE ideal solution for the image and prestige of your company. Its design can show great originality: a wide choice of finishes, papers, formats, etc… The handmade paper bag helps to communicate your brand efficiently. These bags will help your customers to keep you in their mind longer!


How to personalize a manual bag?


Made with high quality materials and designs adapted to your brand and style, we can offer your bags a wide range of options, such as hot gold, goffering, selective UV, matt or glossy lamination, labels, ribbon, eyelets, cut-outs, as well as many different handle options such as PP cord, cotton lanyard, satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, twisted paper, waxed lace, … The choice of paper is not to be outdone, you will have the possibility to make a personalized handbag in white Kraft, coated paper one side (C1S), two sides (C2S) or original textured papers.


Why order manual paper bags? 


Printed manual paper bags are one of the most versatile packages that can be customized, and are a great way to get your message across or boost the style of your event. Perfect for any occasion, our custom paper bags are an easy way to add a unique look to any situation. Design your perfect look today and start enjoying powerful marketing with ease or enhance your event with a unique decorative piece that has your own style.


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