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How to improve your Brand Image through Packaging?

Packaging design is an essential element in the building of a brand identity and image. Anyone doing consumer marketing is already working from this paradigm. The same is true for the commercial market.

Whether it’s a cosmetic product or a bucket of paint, packaging offers a huge opportunity to have a positive impact on a brand image.

But selling is not just one of the functions offered by packaging.  In addition, packaging fulfills 4 other functions, all of which affect the way a brand is perceived:

1. Expression of brand image

If a product or brand is a leader in its niche or category, packaging design – from beauty products to simple consumer goods – must reflect this position. Distinctive design that supports the brand strategy, high-quality printing and unique materials can help engage consumers and differentiate a brand in today’s crowded markets.

2. Communication

Good packaging design makes information easy to find, read & use. Otherwise, the packaging is unlikely to meet the end-user’s expectations. Think about cleaning products: the packaging doesn’t necessarily have to sell the product in a retail aisle. But it does need to communicate what the product is, how it differs from other products in the line and how it should be used. Creating an experience with your brand that makes life easier and minimizes frustration will go a long way to building loyalty.

3. Relationship building

Packaging is a crucial element in building a relationship between a brand and the final consumer, in some cases long after the sale has taken place. For example, the packaging of products such as office supplies or toothpaste will have an impact on how the brand is perceived with each use of the product. Is the product aesthetically attractive? Does the packaging make life easier or more difficult? A positive consumer experience can boost loyalty and even increase the price users are willing to pay for a product.

4. The sale

If your products are marketed through consumer channels, you know that the packaging is your last chance to convince someone to buy your product. But when it comes to commercial packaging, the role of sales is more subtle: you sell the next purchase. If the main packaging is one with which final consumers interact regularly, you have the opportunity to create a favorable relationship between your brand and the user every time he or she uses your product.

5. Protection

The condition and appearance of a product when it reaches the customer has an impact on their perception of your brand. If the packaging is ripped or defective, it won`t create any trust. This is true whether it’s a fruit box, a box of cookies or a toner cartridge. This is especially important as we consider the repackaging and shipping of products sold online. Therefore, in the quest for unique packaging that stands out from the competition, it is important not to sacrifice function for aesthetics. Both aspects are essential: finding the right mix of function and form.

Consumers have a limited amount of time and attention span, so they tend to rely on the sensory cues of the packaging to make a decision when buying products.

The packaging is the first mental image that marks the mind of consumers, it represents the image of a brand. Therefore, in order to connect with consumers and stand out from the competition, a brand packaging must evoke authentic emotions or create commitment.


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