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5 Tote Bags We Love the Most in 2021

Let’s talk about our favorites!

As most companies choose tote bags as their brand marketing tool, here is the list of some promotional bags we would like to recommend.

You would ask: Why tote bags are my best marketing tool ? 


These affordable branded bags will not only boost your marketing strategy but also build trustful long-term relationships with both your consumers and employees using practical tote bags in their daily life.

One of the most popular uses for these promo items is toting groceries to reduce plastic bag waste. In most Europe  the average usage and production of plastic bags are rapidly decreasing, that means your brand can greatly match with customer values and needs through brand packaging.

Cotton Tote Bag – The North Face

The North Face - TOTE - Sporttas - weimaraner brown


It’s always a win-win situation with a classic cotton tote bag for your branding. Whether organic or natural, this bag is perfect if you want to hand out gift bags with merchandise at an event. Your clients will be able to keep this bag around for a long time due to its usefulness and durability.

The 100% certified organic cotton that this bag is made from came from safe and organic farming techniques that excludes harmful insecticides and toxic pesticides that pollute the air.  We also prefer this bag because of its handles unlike any others: called as  soft cotton cording handles.


Jeans Tote Bag – Lamarquedes Tricolores

When it comes to your  brand identity, don’t ignore jeans as a durable and demi-seasonable fabric to stay trendy and catch your customer’s attention. This chic, ecological, 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable trend can be combined with other preferable materials such as cotton or cork.


Juco Tote Bag – Galleria INNO


Being environmentally responsible we recommend to focus on sustainable eco-friendly materials for promotional bags. INNO prefered juco and jute, therefore improving its customer experience. If you still haven’t seen these new ones on the hangers at INNO locations – hurry up and carry your entire life inside a capacious bag. We highly recommend it!


Cotton Tote Bag – Noukie’s

Never-out-of-fashion demi-seasonable cotton material perfectly fits for a promotional tote bag if your brand values reflect responsibility, sustainability and durability. Not only allows it to promote your brand organically on streets, but also reduce extra costs for your business when ordering in bulk.

Net Tote Bag – Scrupules

Mix things up with the modern looking casual tote bag. Remember: people love and trust transparency. Keep it clear to them. Your logo will appear prominently on the unique material. Use unlimited customized features to improve your brand image through packaging.

Reusable bags are actually a fairly economical choice, depending on the type you choose and the materials they are made of. Take into account different types of bags and customize relying on your brand identity and values.