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PACKAGING: The 5 trends to stand out in 2022

To stay on top of sales, it’s essential to continually reinvent yourself. From products to packaging, it is often necessary to follow fashion in order to attract new customers and keep the faithful ones. That’s why we’re zooming in on the 2022 packaging trends. From transparency to the return of retro, you’ll have something to stand out from your competitors while staying on top of the trends.


1) Long live sustainability 

It’s impossible to miss a trend that is no longer a fashion statement, but a social phenomenon. The principle of sustainability is present everywhere in our lives and also in our consumption and production manners. In order to meet consumers’ desire to respect the environment, companies must now opt for an ecological transition. More respectful of the environment, eco-responsible packaging makes it possible to limit your carbon footprint and increase your credibility with an aware population. Whether they are made from recycled materials, from sustainable materials and often compostable or recyclable, eco-responsible packaging have everything to appeal to. And by 2022, they will be the stars!

To help you in going down this greener path, XMP offers a range of sustainable packaging that will delight your customers and the planet!


2) Welcome to transparency

Everyone is aware of it! Packaging plays an important role in the purchasing process. And if the last few years over-packaging and logomania were the keywords, in 2022 we’re playing the sobriety card. The easiest way to freshen up a packaging is to go back to basics. No need for frills, we choose safe values that will balance your packaging. Whether you want to show it, to guarantee the quality, to create desire or to ensure the good conservation of products, transparency is definitively your best friend! Beyond the modern aesthetic aspect, the use of transparency in your packaging is also synonymous with freshness (widely used in food). Your products will therefore directly be qualified as “high quality”!


3) The retro’s come back

Whether it’s fashion, decoration, music, sport, food or travel, there is a growing trend to take a look in the past. These last years, nostalgia has grown tremendously. The “it was better before” trend is seeping into everything we do. Our speeches, but also into our behaviors, including consumption. Since COVID, this trend is even more pronounced. People want to get back to a better lifestyle, dream of a healthier daily life and advocate for collective values of simplicity. This is why packaging must also make this shift. For designers, this is the time to delve into the archives and take a look at the packaging that has made history to get inspired and create that touch of nostalgia, classic and traditional that customers are looking for today. Giving your packaging a retro feel will give your products the values of the country, the past, the town, quality, know-how, tradition, heritage or passion.


4) Focus on functionality



This trend may seem a little simplistic, even ridiculous in some way, when we know that packaging’s first quality must be functionality. But hey, beyond being practical, packaging must also be designed creatively. This is why the current trend is to combine these and create more ergonomic and original packaging. Today’s objective is to design simple packaging that will make it easier for consumers to use it on a daily basis and anchor their new habits. And in order to do this, packaging must be fun, recognizable and minimalist and not lose its simplicity. And also original, creative and outstanding!


5) The luxury boom

Between 2019 and 2021, luxury packaging grew by more than 3%….despite concerns about ecological impact. According to these estimates, this trend is expected to further increase. In 2022, it will be more important than ever to focus on the aesthetics and quality of your packaging. Synonymous with refinement, ease and privilege, luxury confers a certain standing on those who can afford it. But beyond image, luxury is also seen as a guarantee of quality, know-how and trust. Offering your customers this type of packaging will also give these qualities to your products and push your brand in the high-quality universe.


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