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3 Innovations In The Packaging Industry

Consumer demand for sustainable packaging is on the rise, as people see the dark side of single-use convenience and are increasingly willing to change their behavior.


According to market research, more than 70% of consumers say they will intentionally reduce their plastic consumption to some extent by 2019. Brands have responded with sustainable packaging innovations that have caught the attention of the general public while having a measurable impact. Below you will find 3 innovations in terms of sustainable packaging.


The Paper Bottle project


An innovation project in which BillerudKorsnäs collaborates with some of the world’s leading players in barriers, design and technology. United to shape the future of packaging by creating the world’s first 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper bottle for soft drinks.



Pizza Round


An innovative pizza packaging product from World Centric that offers a combination of operational, environmental and customer benefits. Pizza Round is a “100% tree-free, plant-based compostable pizza container for take-out pizza delivery restaurants”. The sustainability aspect is in the composition of the product, i.e. it is made of 80% sugar cane and 20% bamboo, which are renewable raw materials. Pizza Round reduces packaging waste, space and labor – unlike traditional pizza boxes, their containers do not need to be folded. Pizza Round’s innovative design also helps keep pizzas fresh while making slicing easier with a handy slicing guide.

Görtz 17 Shoelace Box


To boost sales of a stylish shoe that is already a cult product, the Kempertrautmann agency has created new packaging that makes the brand even more desirable in terms of look and functionality.

Product packaging design is a sphere where function meets design. We may not be aware that the chewing gum package or milk carton is actually a piece of design, which enriches our interactions with the product every time we use it. That’s where packaging innovation comes in!


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