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5 tips to prevent your food from being delivered damaged.

What is more unpleasant than getting that excitement from ordering food being crushed by a bad delivery. It has probably already happened to you and when it does it’s often too late find a solution.

This is the number one problem that restaurant owners encounter and that customers complain about the most.

When this happens, customers will remember having a bad experience with the brand and 2/3 of them will not order from that restaurant for the next time.

Packaging plays a crucial role in preventing this from happening.


Discover our 5 food delivery tips and packaging!


1. A perfectly designed packaging for your product.


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Everyone knows that you don’t pack sushi in a hamburger box. The hamburger box was designed specifically to address the issues of the hamburger in particular. From the size to the material to the little ventilation holes, everything has been created with one thing in mind: the hamburger.

This process can be done for all the products you offer.


No one knows your products better than you do. And every restaurant has its own specificities. Therefore, it is important to adapt the packaging to the products delivered so they don’t get mixed up with each other.


2. A solid base.



Once your food is packed and well separated in a suitable packaging, you just have to fix it on a solid base. This can be a box or a reinforced cardboard base on which the food will be placed. This will make it easier for the deliverer to do his work and it will increase the chances that your food will arrive in good condition at its destination.


3. Light on top, heavy on the bottom



To prevent your product from arriving crushed, it is recommended to place the heavier foods on the bottom and the lighter foods on top. The path your deliverer will take may cause shaking and the weight of a heavy product placed on top may crush those below.


4. Separate food by temperature.

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This is mostly about drinks. Unlike your food, drinks are often served cold and may cool the rest of the rest of the food that will be delivered. That’s why it’s important to separate them from the rest to avoid the customers from receiving a cold dish.

The same goes for a cold entrée such as a salad, make sure to not pack everything together.


5. Work with reputable delivery companies.


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The delivery company you work with contributes to the experience your customer will have with your brand. It’s important to choose the delivery company based on several criteria. Make sure that the deliverers, whether they are in-house or outsourced, have the proper equipment to maintain temperature and that they don’t make five stops before dropping off the next order.

You can easily find information on customer satisfaction from different delivery companies on google.


Delivery has become essential to the survival of many restaurants, and maintaining the quality of food is considered the key factor in keeping customers happy.

What will make the difference is the design of your packaging and the layout of the food. It is important to make it easy for the delivery person to minimize any accidents.


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