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3 Benefits of Reusable Water Bottle

If you think that one person can’t change the world, think again.

Let’s run through the social benefits do reusable water bottles bring to our environment and your health!


The video immersed you deeper to see the real numbers. Every 60 seconds, an incredible 1 million single-use plastic bottle is bought around the world. This number is expected to jump 20% by the year 2021. By using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually, so even one person can make a big difference.

User- & eco-friendly

Whatever you drink – keep it clean & fresh in your reusable bottle! It preserves taste and is better for both the environmental and your health.

Besides its practicality, it also makes a significant impact on both animal and marine life. Plastic beverage containers are a massive source of plastic pollution. In one day alone, the United States trashes around 6 million bottles, and it is expected by 2050 to be more plastic by weight than fish in the ocean. Sounds shocking, doesn’t it? So despite our best recycling efforts, they often still end up in rivers and oceans and disrupt marine life.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Have you ever heard? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way to express your company’s approach to corporate governance through each part of your business, from operations and HR to production and supply chain.

CSR allows to:

  • Establish good reputations;
  • Attract positive attention & top talent;
  • Save money through operational efficiency;
  • Minimize environmental impact;
  • Inspire innovation

By implementing CSR companies stand to benefit in multiple ways. As Business News Daily states: “What the public thinks of your company is critical to its success. By building a positive image that you believe in, you can make a name for your company as being socially conscious.”

Recognizing how important it is for customers and stakeholders, most companies put their efforts on building a socially responsible business. From employment under fair working conditions to reducing waste by favouring sustainable materials and alternative energy.

BPA free

Keep in mind that not all reusable water bottles are equal. Stainless steel water bottles allow you not only to reduce the amount of oil needed to create it, but the chance of it contributing to plastic waste is virtually zero. Steel is a non-toxic alternative to disposable plastic reusable water bottles. With an eco-friendly water bottle, there is no risk of leaching toxins into your beverage.

Stay safe, unique & tuned for our next blog post about business benefits of reusable bottles.


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