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Beauty: discover the 5 trends of cosmetic packaging in 2022

With an ever-growing offer and an ever-changing market, it is not always easy for a cosmetics brand to differentiate itself from its competitors. One of the keys? Packaging! Zoom on the 2022 trends in beauty packaging.

The beauty market, like the fashion market, is mostly based on image and aesthetics. For a cosmetics brand to sell, it must offer an imaginary image that is both competitive and makes  customers dream. And if this image is mainly conveyed through advertising, it must be reflected in every detail of the product. And in an era where unboxing reigns, what could be better than making a good impression through a trendy and modern packaging? Discover 5 new trends to make your packaging a real showcase.

1. Eco-responsible materials


Ecology has become an omnipresent subject in all sectors, especially in the beauty industry. At the center of the new generations’ discussions: how to consume while respecting our planet Earth? Thanks to this reasoning brands have taken the turn towards sustainability by offering more natural products, organic formulas and vegan or cruelty free products. But with this, labels must also rethink its packaging in line with the values of these new ranges.

Today, brands are turning to more eco-responsible packaging. Recycled materials (paper or plastic), recyclable or compostable materials, zero waste objective… The entire packaging sector must now offer less polluting alternatives. And at XMP Packaging, we offer a wide range of customizable packaging made from natural or recycled materials.

2. A less is more aesthetic


Often criticized for their incomprehensible compositions, their unknown formulas to the general public, brands are currently working to make their communication as transparent as possible. And to ensure that the product, the message and the image are aligned, it is therefore necessary to purify. Second major trend of 2022: less is more.


The cosmetics industry is now focusing on minimalism. The goal? Get back to basics, to a natural, simple and more than ever “trustworthy product”. “nude” type packaging tends to appear more and more, often with a plain and sober color, simply topped with the logo and the brand’s baseline. Nothing more.

This is how brands visually communicate their desire for transparency.

3. A vision from Future


In addition to the minimalist trend, there is also a much stronger trend: the futuristic aesthetic. This imagery is inspired by the world of tomorrow: A vision of technological future with neon colors, holographic effects, plastic or metallic materials and silver shades. It is a trend that goes against the grain of the previous one and inspires brands that want to demonstrate a certain expertise, a scientific knowledge of products, a futuristic vision of the cosmetic sector and an ultra technological know-how. These packagings have already largely invaded the American market, but are not very well exploited by European labels yet. That’s why it is the right time to take the plunge!

4. A return to drugstores


Another leap back in time, but this time we go back to the past. Linked to transparency and sustainability, brands want to go back in the time cosmetic products were the result of natural concoctions. It’s all about the imagination of apothecaries, drugstores and herbalist shops. These stores where you could find everything you needed to treat all kinds of ailments while taking care of your health, your body and your skin. Today, great brands such as Delbôve, Le Labo, Khiel’s and many others are inspired by this era to recreate bottles, writings, stories and packaging from a time when cosmetics were only natural and reliable.

5. A connected trend

connected packaging

In a transparent and technological vision, more and more cosmetic labels are starting to create smart and connected packaging. And to not distort the aesthetics of their products while communicating to their customers, many brands are now integrating a QR code or other fingerprint allowing anyone who wants to get information from their website, on an ultra complete page dedicated to the product or in an immersive experience. In addition to collecting information on its customers, the brand can introduce its digital universe and perhaps encourage the purchase of other products or a better knowledge and

loyalty to the brand.


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