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Cosmetic packaging trends : Beauty Sets

Packaging plays a major role in cosmetic industry. It goes beyond its practical function and truly represents the first point of contact between the consumer and the product, potentially creating either a positive or negative first impression.

Packaging also serves as a means to stand out from the competition and showcase a brand’s identity.

Recently, the cosmetics industry has undergone significant changes, with a growing focus on Green Beauty. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of product ingredients, seeking out natural, responsible, and environment-friendly products.

Let’s explore how these changes are impacting the cosmetic packaging trends in beauty gift sets.


Les tendances packaging cosmétique : Les coffrets beauté - Minimalisme

Minimalism, often summarized as ‘less is more,’ embodies transparency and inspires confidence in consumers. It translates into a clean and understated design, where each element is carefully chosen. This simplicity imparts an elegant and authentic touch to the packaging. By simplifying the design, eliminate non relevant information, catch the attention to the essential details, such as the product name, brand logo, and key features.

The flashy single color

Les tendances packaging cosmétique : Les coffrets beauté - Le monocouleur flashy

Cosmetic packaging trends are moving towards the use of dynamic colors and vibrant shades, with a preference for the use of a single dominant color, known as monochrome or single color. This way, the packaging differs from others by the bold use of a single, bright hue, creating a powerful visual impact.


Les tendances packaging cosmétique : Les coffrets beauté - L’éco-responsabilité

The environmental trend is reflected in smart choices in eco-design, eco-friendly materials, shape, packaging weight, production location, and transportation.

In this perspective, there is a preference for using eco-friendly materials such as cardboard and kraft paper. These are biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Optimized packaging shapes (downsizing strategy) and reduced weight are options to minimize environmental impacts. By reducing them, brands save materials and optimize space during transportation, allowing more products to be shipped in one go.

Finally, the production location of the packaging and the choice of transportation mode must be carefully selected to minimize environmental costs & carbon footprint.

Geometric and abstract patterns

Les tendances packaging cosmétique : Les coffrets beauté - Les motifs géométriques et abstraits

We’re embracing boldness and creativity with geometric and abstract patterns. Creative shapes give brands the opportunity to express their difference and dynamic in a unique way and capture consumer interest with original designs. Of course, the packaging design should remain consistent with the message to convey and the overall brand aesthetics.

Connected packaging

Les tendances packaging cosmétique : Les coffrets beauté - Les emballages connectés

This trend relies on the integration of technologies such as QR codes, NFC (Near Field Communication) chips, and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology. Thanks to these technologies, consumers can easily access information about the product by scanning the packaging with their smartphones. This approach addresses consumers’ need for transparency, as they can obtain information such as the ingredient list, product origin, or usage recommendations.


Les tendances packaging cosmétique : Les coffrets beauté - Les emballages connectés

Packaging convey a story and generates emotions to consumers. This comes from a message , visual elements, or handwritten typography on the packaging. Creating emotions through packaging helps to establish a connection with customers. As a result, the brand communicate its values and mission.

Cosmetic packaging is no longer just a simple container; it has become a true tool of meaning, commitment, and expression of a brand’s identity. Cosmetic packaging trends are evolving constantly, those who manage to blend aesthetics, sustainability, and connection with their customers are the ones performing in the beauty industry. So, do not underestimate the importance of choosing the design for your beauty gift sets.

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