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Eco-responsible packaging: 4 inspiring Belgian companies

Concerned about climate change, more and more companies decide to rethink how they work in order to be more environmentally friendly.  And in this sector, Belgian companies are great examples. Focus on four of our clients who walk on the green path!


Orta is a  modern, commited and Belgian brand that has made its mark on the Brussels fashion scene.

Created in 2017, the label aims to offer trendy, affordable and ethical pieces.  Initially produced in French workshops to keep the human scale, they explore the European market and more particularly Portugal to preserve traditional know-how and honourable working conditions. In addition to reducing its carbon footprint, Orta is therefore labelled as “made in Europe”.

But not only thinking production, the Belgian brand is also rethinking its packaging.

In a desire for sustainability and respect for the environment, it is turning to organic cotton reusable bags, therefore environmentally friendly. In addition to these bags, Orta also packages its pieces in pretty gift boxes made of 100% recycled kraft paper!

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INNO has been on the commercial landscape of all major cities for over 125 years. INNO is one of the most popular multi-brand stores in Belgium. Hybrid and constantly evolving, this department stores offer a range of high-end brands as well as a wide selection of more popular brands. Why? In order to satisfy everybody, parents and children, from all horizons.

And in order to be environmentally friendly, the Belgian company has decided to rethink its operations.

Since 2021, it has been offering a more ethical and local experience for its visitors. Some of the shops offer organic, seasonal and local snacks, for example.

Others offer their customers fresh flowers grown by local florists. INNO also puts Belgian know-how at the heart of its DNA by offering sweets and other specialities from small craftsmen.

Finally, INNO has also rethought its packaging. From now on, the company is making sure that it is more sustainable. Their bags are therefore made of FSC-certified kraft paper, which means that the trees used to make the paper come from sustainably managed forests and are socially beneficial and economically viable!

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Not only the French can be chauvinistic. In Belgium too, we can be proud of our country and our culture. And this is the case with the “La vie est belge’ brand. This young label is a patriot in the true sense of the word, and has used our worldwide recognized humor, to create both trendy and funny collections.  But beyond making people smile, “La vie est belge” is also committed to the environment and has created its capsules from organic textiles, guaranteeing quality labels. Not are they just being cool, but they replant a tree in Belgium for every order placed.

As you can read on their website, La vie est belge is collaborating with Reforest’Action and promises to replant more than 12,000 trees in Belgium by automatically donating a part of their sales profit. This system allows each customer to act in favour of the planet. And in a will of transparency, it also publishes the benefits created by their planted trees:

  • Climate: 1,872 tonne(s) of CO2 stored
  • Biodiversity: 37,446 animal shelters created
  • Health: 49,928 months of oxygen generated
  • Employment: 12482 working hours created

In addition to their eco-designed clothes, the brand has also made a point of ensuring that they are packaged in a sustainable way. That’s why La vie est belge has opted for reusable cotton tote bags! Would you like to do the same? XMP makes it possible for you!


As a real institution on the Brussels’ food scene, Makisu is THE PLACE TO ORDER. Thanks to its wide range of sushi, its inventive recipes and its extreme customisation (thousands of possible combinations), Makisu has become, in a few years, the place to order fresh and affordable sushi.

But all these deliveries also represent thousands of packages , each of them representing an environmental cost. To limit MAKISU’s impact on the planet, the Belgian company has redesigned its packaging in a sustainable way.

Thanks to XMP, the owners of Makisu started the adventure of sustainable packaging. To preserve the quality of their sushi while respecting nature, they opted for natural materials such as kraft and 100% customised recycled plastic to minimize additional waste as much as possible.

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