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Packaging: How Noukie's has reduced its costs by 25%.

Noukie’s mission

The mission of Noukie’s is “to inspire future and young generations to achieve the fulfilment and self-confidence of their children and the generations of tomorrow”.

Noukie’s is a family business created in 1992 and today has 11 shops in Belgium. The company started by selling stuffed toys, then launched a clothing line, created its own TV series, and currently distributes 10 different brands.

The brand’s strong values include exquisite softness, creativity, friendliness, imagination and rigour, although unique features such as their nursery rhymes and loyalty programme partly explain their success. Noukie’s simply seeks to satisfy both children and parents by offering totally adapted, functional and innovative products.


How did XMP Packaging meet this challenge?

We opted for brown kraft in terms of material.

By working with us, Noukie’s reduced its costs by 25% because there are no longer any intermediaries between the factory and them. Proposal of personalized paper sleeves for e-commerce sales.

Noukie's bag


Mélanie Di Vita (Customer Relationship Manager / Trademarketing)

“We wanted to develop packaging that was align with our increasingly responsible collections. So we asked XMP for advice on how to use eco-friendly materials, while keeping very distinctive and charitable designs. These objectives were fully achieved, while at the same time saving money. XMP was able to understand our needs and provide us with the ideal solutions with great professionalism. »