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Christmas: how and why should you transform your packaging into a real gift package?


Glittering and/ or colorful, gift packages are like caskets of the most beautiful diamonds. They arouse curiosity and amaze even before they reveal their secret. But how can you give that breathtaking gift-wrapping look to your packaging? Discover our 5 tips that will set you apart from your competitors and dazzle your customers for the holidays!

But before we give you our tips, let’s take a look at the “whys”.


Why is gift-wrapping important during the holiday season?


In recent years, packaging has become increasingly important in customers’ minds. In addition to its recognisable function, it can also give your label a certain standing and make you stand out from your competitors.

During the festive season, you should therefore redouble your efforts to turn your packaging into magnificent gift packages that make people want to tear them open at first sight.


In addition, your packaging is your brand’s showcase. But during the holidays, it is also the first impression that will condition the expectation, desire and/or excitement of the person who opens it.

So don’t miss it by offering Christmas colors packaging that will make the competition pale in comparison!


5 tips to turn your packaging into a gift package


Put the package on the package with our tips!

1) Adapt your materials

For obvious ecological reasons, but also because of the event’s status forget plastic for your festive packaging. Whether you opt for a small felt pouch reminiscent of the fabrics that keep you warm in winter or a personalised recycled cardboard box, always think about the unboxing phase.

This phenomenon, which has been widespread on social networks for a few years now, has become a real challenge during the end-of-year celebrations.

More than ever, you need packaging that is worthy of your products, but also worthy of a surprise that you slip under the tree and give to your loved ones.

The choice of materials is therefore crucial and helps set the tone for a successful gift unwrapping: think of your customers’ happy faces and stand out with a material that stands out from the crowd!


2) Rethink your format

This is the time to have fun and think outside the box by offering original formats that clearly refer to the Christmas season. Luxurious boxes, hat boxes, surprise pouches… Adapt the sizes, vary the dimensions, rethink your templates. Simply put, go wild with your holiday packaging formats!


3) Choose thematic colors

Of course we know that your label has its own graphic charter with various color codes to respect in order to make your brand world known and recognisable, but it is sometimes interesting to go off the beaten track and use thematic colors.

This is particularly the case during this season, when pine greens and deep reds are seen everywhere, but also more striking colors such as gold, silver and glitter.

To help you, you can also start with a specific theme from which several colors can be derived:

  • Traditional Christmas: red, white, green, gold
  • Glitter Christmas: white, gold, glitter etc…

If these colors don’t appeal to you, you can also go for sobriety by adopting a range of beiges, whites, greys and browns reminiscent of snowy mountains, chalets or Scandinavian landscapes.  


4) Go for festive patterns

Just like the color’s choice, it might be an excellent idea to use themed patterns during the festive season, and luckily, there are as many possibilities as you could think of. And they will easily adapt to your artistic direction.

From snowflakes to Santa’s reindeer, from string lights to stars, from fir trees to little houses, you’ll be spoiled.

If you are afraid of falling into kitsch, don’t hesitate to go gradually with small touches and choose a sober, elegant and more consensual pattern.


5) Don’t neglect the final touch 

Here comes the icing on the cake, the detail that make the difference and the most creative part of your packaging: the final touch.

Beyond colors, textures and patterns, this is the time to stand out by adding a few toppings to your magical packaging recipe.

You could add an elegant red velvet ribbon, gold bell-shaped buttons, personalised labels to wish your customers a happy holiday or even beautiful rosettes made of string and/or raffia for an “art and craft” feel.

XMP Packaging also offers the possibility to personalize your packaging down to the last detail, SO don’t hesitate to stand out. Accessorize your packaging and make a difference to your competitors


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