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Unboxing : Improving your packaging to be on top of the trends

In just a few years, unboxing has become a real trend. This practice, which consists of unboxing a package on social networks, has prompted many brands to review their packaging. Here are XMP’s 6 tips for creating unforgettable unboxing for your customers!

Social media has revolutionised many aspects of our lives, but also some we didn’t realise we had, such as our shopping and delivery habits. But more than deliveries, social media has pushed companies to rethink the way they package and send their products. The reason? Unboxing! Find out how to make packaging that will look great as an unbox on social media.

Find some tips for creating perfect unboxing packages:

1. Go for luxury

Luxury is synonymous with refinement, ease and privilege, and gives those who can afford it the image of a certain standing. But beyond image, luxury is also seen as a guarantee of quality, know-how and trust. Offering your customers packaging made of noble and qualitative materials will therefore also confer these qualities on your products. And it will establish your brand in a high-end collective imagination. Not to mention that the most watched unboxings are those of luxury brands and rare and precious products.

2. Print the package

What better way to stand out from the crowd than to print your parcel directly in your brand’s colours and design? Directly visible and original, this technique allows your customers to get to know the world of your label even before they open their parcel. Beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, this technique also allows you to remain in the memory of your customers and potential customers.

3. Encourage easy opening

A successful unboxing is one that can be done with one hand (the other often holding the phone) and in less than 15 seconds (the time of an Instagram story). That’s why unboxing has to be the easiest thing in the world. This is even the ba-ba of unboxing. For example, ribbons are very nice and will give your package a nice and precious touch, but they will never be practical or easy to unpack. That’s why XMP advises you to opt for easy openings. There are various mechanisms such as drawer openings or magnetic box systems that retain strong aesthetic qualities while being strong and quick to open. In short, everything that consumers of unboxing videos want!

4. Connect from head to toe

Whether it’s the inside, the outside, the transport box or even details such as stickers, labels or tissue paper… Put your logo and your visual identity everywhere you can! With this technique, it is impossible to miss your brand name. This allows your customer to recognise you and identify you over time, but also, during unboxing, it gives you enormous visibility in their community. Whether it’s a partnership or a simple purchase, you win with this monogramming technique borrowed from the greatest fashion houses.

5. Don't forget the little touches

It may seem superficial, but luxury is in the details. And what better way to impress a future client than with a little personalised message? Whether it’s for a special occasion, a party, a gift or something else, offer your customers the opportunity to have a tailor-made boxing. To do this, make little thank you cards, offer packaging options in the event of a birthday, make sure you mention the first name of the person who placed the order, add care instructions or advice on how to use the product, add a little note on the values or commitments of your company…. In short, make people dream, create a universe around your brand and offer a mini storytelling to your customers.

6. Sensory marketing

One of the golden rules of marketing is to explore all the possible senses of the customers. Everything must be done to satisfy sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. And when it comes to packaging, we often think about the pleasure the customer will get from looking at or touching the packaging, sometimes forgetting that other senses can be exploited and that they can also bring a touch of originality and a certain added value to your brand. You could always scent the inside of a package with an enchanting mist that will perfume your customer’s home with your signature scent. If you have a bigger budget, you can also place small speakers in the parcel that will play a nice sound atmosphere when the parcel is opened. And these are just a few examples of the many possibilities available to you to make your customer dream!