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How Does Packaging Impact the Purchasing Decision?


According to The Engagement Study (POPAI Study, 2012), 76% of purchase decisions are made in store when the customer is in front of the product. Indeed, even if the consumer prepares his act of purchase in advance, he is never safe from irrational choices. It’s like buying products that aren’t on the shopping list: we’ve all done it, right?

Beyond its protective function, packaging is of capital importance in attracting the consumer; it is a key touchpoint with the consumer. That’s why its importance and impact in marketing strategy should not be neglected.

Here are 5 elements of your packaging that will have an impact on the purchasing decision of your future customers:

1. The colors


That’s what catches the consumer’s eye first. This will influence his perception because of the symbolism that is generally given to colors such as, for example, white which induces purity, blue which is a symbol of confidence, green which can represent energy or ecology.

2. The Logo 

The presence of the logo on the container is essential. The logo, a brand symbol, serves not only to recognize the brand but also to reinforce its image with the customer. It is an additional way of communicating and marks a differentiation from its competitors.

3. Clear typography and efficient inscriptions

A study shows that the more time a consumer spends reading and analyzing a product, the less he or she wants to make the purchase. It is therefore essential to put readable inscriptions with a clear message so that the buyer discovers the usefulness and benefits of the product.


4. Design & ergonomics

Well thought-out packaging will enhance the user experience, arouse emotions in the user and by extension strengthen the relationship between the customer and the brand. If the packaging takes users’ expectations into account, such as easy opening for example, it proves that the company cares about its customers.

5. The material and finishes

Finally, the material and finishes add value to the packaging and can influence the consumer’s perception of the product.  According to a recent study, 48% of consumers believe that they would avoid companies that make no effort in terms of the sustainability of their packaging. In an era of respect for the environment, the eco-responsible aspect of packaging can influence the purchase.